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Cloth Seats

It has become clear to us that the market leaders in the bus passenger industry fit semi luxury cloth type passenger seats to their buses.

Not only do the cloth trim last longer but it also offers additional comfort to the passengers.

We do not believe that it is morally right nor fair to our passengers to let them sit on vinyl seats any longer, even on short distance routes. The vinyl trimmed seats attract a lot more heat than the cloth trimmed ones which will become a bigger ‘put-off’ for passengers in the future due to the warming of the earth. It is also important to note the price difference between vinyl trim and cloth trim is substantially less than some years ago.

The leaders in the taxi manufacturing industry, Toyota, focuses on passenger comfort more than any other manufacturer and produce passenger seats with high standards of safety and comfort, trimmed in cloth. It is no wonder that the taxi industry is growing while the passenger bus sector of the market has stagnated. It will always be the passenger’s choice and as an industry we have to accommodate the passenger’s right to comfort.

If we as an industry want to make our passenger numbers grow, we need to provide upmarket seating and non-negotiable safety to our passengers.